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Here you will be getting to see 2 games. Karan Arjun and Jai Veeru.
As you came to know, for which game you will get the results, then let us know what is this game and how is it played?
First of all, in the complete game i.e. Karan Arjun or Jai Veeru, you get a 3 digit result which starts from 000 and goes up to 999.
Another form of this game is that you will see the first 2 digits of the game like 546 in Karan Arjun, 54 in Karan and 46 in Arjun.
Similarly, there are Haruf also in it, which is the result of Arjun or Jai Veeru, its first digit is the inside Haruf and the last digit of the game is the outside digit.
Now let's talk about its rate, as it is played in different ways, similarly its rate also varies.
In Karan Arjun 3 points and Jai Veeru 3 points game you get 10000 rupees for 10 rupees.
The important thing is that this rate is the full rate here, changes can be made in this rate by Khaiwal.
Now it comes to where did you play this game?
So you can play this game both online and offline?
You will find many eaters in the market who will feed you this game.

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